Things I’m into this week

Here’s a look at some things that have caught my attention this week, things that resonated, things worth pondering.

Favourite photo I took

This came out with lovely lines and a nice, punchy contrast that reminds me of one of my photographic heroes, Ansel Adams. One day when I’m big I’ll take photos like him.

A photo from someone else that caught my eye

Rachel Talibart – A long exposure of waves washing up on the shore. I love the ghostly remnants of waves that the long exposure captures.

A video that made me stop and think

The Most Powerful Kind of Photography by Sean Tucker @seantuck
In his usual, thoughtful way, Sean takes a look at how photos preserve the memory of loved ones, even after they’ve passed. Sean’s videos are wonderfully made and give profound insights into the “why” behind photography. This video made me think back to old family photos and rekindled a desire to print out more of the photos I take of the important people in my life.

What I’m listening to

Mr Brightside by River Run North: YouTube / Spotify
A super-chilled cover of the original song by The Killers.

What I’m reading

How I Go To The Woods, a poem by Mary Oliver

In response to we all have our “way of praying,” she asks: “Are we spending enough time following it?” It arrived in my inbox because I subscribe to Susan Cane’s newsletter. If you value times of quiet and solitude, I’d give it a look. You can always unsubscribe if you find you don’t like the content.

Quote I’m Pondering

“In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.”

~ Ansel Adams
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